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Since the EU referendum in June, the UK has seen a sharp increase in racist incidents, figures released by the National Police Chiefs’ Council show.

In the week after Brexit, figures reached a record high increase of 58% in reported incidents to 1,787.

The last week in July also saw a high rise in incidents, with a 49% increase.

While this has now decreased, the most recent figures from the third week in August show that the number of recorded hate crimes and incidents is still 14% above what it was for the same time last year.

Leading figures from the police have spoken out about the recent spate, such as Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Sir Bernard Hogan Howe. Source: Financial Times

The Metropolitan police commissioner told a hearing at London’s City Hall that hate crime was showing signs of decreasing after the sharp spike in June and July, but it had still not returned to pre-referendum levels.

Monitoring presented at the hearing by the London mayor’s evidence and insight team showed a 16% increase in hate crime in the 12 months to August.

It also showed that in the 38 days after the referendum there were more than 2,300 recorded race-hate offences in London alone, compared with 1,400 in the 38 days before the vote.



Source: True Vision reporting portal


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